Investment criteria

Our origin as a medium-sized family business distinguishes Bitburger Holding from pure financial investors. We have direct access to various networks and competencies, which we are happy to make available to our investments. We are pragmatic, responsive and reliable. In contrast to financial investors, we largely avoid debt financing for our acquisitions.

Investment approach

Looking back on 200 years of company history, long-term orientation is still at the forefront of our entrepreneurial activities today. Bitburger Holding therefore invests in companies with solid business models in constant markets in order to be able to manage the group sustainably and pass it on to the next generation.

Regional Focus

In order to ensure excellent support for our investments, Bitburger Holding invests primarily in German-speaking countries.

Investment Constellation

Bitburger Holding usually participates via majority shareholdings or strong minority shareholdings. In addition, investment opportunities with other family businesses or like-minded companies are highly valued.